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A Sarawakian Student Receives Offer Letters From Oxford And Cornell, Which Will She Pick?

Pictures: Twitter Adriana Karim

We’re genuinely happy and proud of this Malaysian student, Adriana Karim, to get an offer from Oxford! Many have dreamt of enrolling in the prestigious institution, and witnessing some of those hopeful dreams coming to life is a moment we, too, can’t help but rejoice! But to know Oxford sent her an offer letter, isn’t that just another level of awesomeness?

Some might say it’s just a place to study. Nothing is special about it. But honestly, we’re talking about Oxford here. The Oxford University. Who wouldn’t go a bit berserk when receiving an offer from an excellent academical institution like that?

Dating back to last December, Adriana shared a tweet regarding her acceptance into an ivy school. She was admitted to Cornell University, a private university providing cohesive education to undergraduates, postgraduate and professional students. She was accepted into the College of Arts and Sciences for the upcoming October 2023 session.

If that isn’t impressive, she was also offered a place at Oxford!

In her tweet, Adriana shared a screenshot of the acceptance letter into St Hugh’s College, Oxford!

Adriana was offered to enrol in Earth Sciences in the October 2023 session, following the excellent grades of her upcoming examinations in the current academic year.

She couldn’t even believe it herself too! Two offers from well-known universities are waiting for her to choose! She’s indeed the intelligent kind!

Another user Penulis Sabda Hatimu (@rahmansallehin), quoted her tweet, “She’s a Sarawakian student sponsored by @yayasansarawak. She was offered to further her studies at the University of Oxford.”

Netizens are flooding her tweet with congratulatory messages.


Picture: Twitter Adriana Karim


Picture: Twitter Adriana Karim

We hope this excellent student will soar higher in everything she’s doing in the future. Good luck in your next endeavours, Adriana!

Sources: Twitter Adriana Karim, Twitter Penulis Sabda Hatimu

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