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Ensure The Safety Of Your Home With These Precautions

Picture: Better HouseKeeper

There is nothing more assuring to a parent than knowing their children are safe at home. However, as a parent, how sure of you that your house is safe enough for them to stay in?

There is a lot of news regarding burglary, kidnapping and unexpected death in the house. This happens because of negligence in providing a safe environment for the kids.

But, if unwanted things happen at your house, don’t blame yourself. It should be a reminder to be more aware and keen on any possibility.

As humans, we can only try to avoid bad things from happening. Everything is already written. However, we should always take action before things worsen.

Try implementing these safety rules at home

1) Always lock the door


Picture: ADS Security

Some parents overlook this important precaution. Although it looks trivial, locking the door can prevent many incidents like burglary. It’s advisable to keep the doors locked even if your housing area is secured. Parents need to outsmart the burglars so that their homes will be safe.

2) Close the doors

Not all passersby can be trusted, and so does the neighbours. Some wear masks to hide their bad intentions.

Once you have entered your house, keep the doors close and lock them. For example, talk outside when someone visits and you’re not close to them. Don’t let them in.

This can also imply windows. Teach your children to close the doors and windows when you aren’t around.

3) Keep the meds in the cabinet

There are many cases of this step. For someone sick like the elderly, store the medicines where they can easily reach them. Even better if you keep them in the meds compartment that can be bought from many drugstores.

But there are some cases when someone in the house has suicidal tendencies. If there is one in your house, hide them away.

4) Alarm system should work efficiently


Picture: Security System & CCTV Johor Bahru

Many alarm systems these days are connected to cell phones. Therefore, it’s convenient for parents or anyone who go out to work to install it. The alarm system will alert you when something happens at home.

5) Lock some rooms that can potentially harm people in the house

The laundry room, for example, has electrical appliances like the iron and washing machine. This could be dangerous if you have toddlers at home. They might switch on these appliances without knowing. Hence, it’s advisable to lock the room when you aren’t at home.

The kitchen is a bit impossible to lock. However, you can install safety nets, binders or doors in the kitchen so that your kids can’t cross it easily.

6) Don’t expose your personal information on the internet


Picture: Be Connected – eSafety Commissioner

This is the most vital step. No one can be trusted. If a website requires your personal information, don’t blindly fill in the details, especially your bank account number, IC number and address. Instead, check the legitimacy of the website here:

We never know what can happen in our house. Hence, it’s always best to be sure than unsure.

Sources:, CCID Portal

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