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Tantalize Your Taste Buds With Modern Chinese Cuisine At EMP KL


Whether it’s the energy of an open dining experience or the decadence of a private room, EMP KL offers you both. The latest upscale restaurant in town serving authentic Chinese cuisine, EMP KL opened its majestic doors recently and is inviting all food connoisseurs to step back in time and feast like an emperor in ancient times. 

Located at The Westin in the heart of cosmopolitan Kuala Lumpur, EMP KL is a striking juxtaposition  amidst the city skyline with a touch of the grandeur of Imperial China with dynasties that spanned thousands  of years. The opulent and regal interior features a Terracotta palette saturated with golden hues and is  embellished with vintage teak screen dividers detailing intricate Latticework and clay carvings displaying  the highest level of craftsmanship. Decorative ornaments and soft furnishings showcasing colorful and  meticulous Oriental motifs add to the lushness of the extravagant setting and it is lavish, and luxurious, and imbues a sense of balance and harmony with the surrounding energy and flow. 

Interior Touches of EMP KL

A feast fit for an emperor is an elegant affair and typically features large courses of meals staying  true to tradition, EMP KL’s offerings are impressive and decadent and all dishes are prepared with  imperial cooking methods and recipes. Embark upon your “fit for an emperor” gourmet experience with  the Crispy King Prawns with Wasabi Mayo for a light crunch or Chilled Ice Plant Salad with Yuzu  Dressing for some cool tangy sweetness before warming your souls with the Braised Hot and Sour  Seafood Broth where contrasting flavors come together in a simmering pot and complement each other resulting in a wonderfully complex and tasty broth. 


Sweet and Sour Golden Prawns in Hawthorn Berry Gravy

Seafood lovers will be delighted with the live seafood menu that guarantees freshness straight from the  ocean. Chef’s recommendations include Giant River Prawns Chee Cheong Fun in Claypot, Steamed  Bamboo Fish Canton Style in Lotus Leaves as well as Tiger Prawns in Barbeque Beijing Royal Style.  Other wonders of the sea are the Baked River King Prawns with Mozzarella & Cheddar Cheese and  Sweet and Sour Golden Prawns in Hawthorn Berry Gravy where the tartness from the Hawthorn berries adds tangibly sweet notes to balance the scrumptious golden savory dish. 

Signature Crispy London Duck

A must-have at EMP KL is the Signature Crispy London Duck. Indulge in the aromatic and succulent  mouth-watering goodness roasted to crisp perfection. Other popular choices for poultry and meat are  the Golden Crispy Garlic Chicken, Tea-smoked Beef Short Ribs, and Wok-Fried Japanese A5 Wagyu  Beef with Black Bean Paste


Dim Sum at EMP KL

Alternatively, for those who prefer lighter options, EMP KL is proud to present an assortment of pork-free, delectable bite-sized dim sum for the day, where you can feast to your heart’s content from 11 am  – 3 pm on weekdays and 10 am – 3 pm on the weekend or public holidays. The Threesome Dim Sum is  a must-try and consists of Cod Fish with Crab Meat and Squid Ink Dumplings, Homemade Fish Dumplings, and Minced Chicken with Chives Dumpling, rounding up the magical trio.  

Come dine at EMP KL to immerse in the colors, scents, and tastes of the absolute best in Chinese cuisine.

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