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Malaysians Are Highly Satisfied With Their Love Life, According To This Study

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Today, we’re expecting many love posts on social media. It’s Valentine’s Day, everyone! Even though every day should be Valentine’s Day, it’s a special occasion for many lovebirds to go the extra mile with their declaration of love.


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So, with all these hearts in the air, are you happy with your current relationship? Are you satisfied with your love life? Have you ever asked these questions to yourself?

We come across a study that piques our interest. At first glance, it looks like many Malaysians are satisfied with their relationship!

The respondents are broken down into four categories: Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z. To briefly conclude, every group has different perspectives on love.

Malaysians are overall satisfied with their love relationship

In the study, Malaysia is among the countries that have the highest rate of relationship satisfaction. 90% of married or partnered Malaysians are satisfied with their relationship.


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Married or partnered people in the Netherlands (94%), Indonesia (94%), and Thailand show a thumb up to satisfaction, while South Korea (73%) and Japan (70%) give a thumb down.

Boomers have a better love life than Millenials

According to the study, Boomers feel more loved than Millenials. This is because Millennials are more satisfied with their romantic or intimate life. It’s based on Ipsos’s Global Love Life Satisfaction survey conducted in these countries: US, Canada, Malaysia, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and others. Generally, the survey was taken from age groups of 18-74.


Picture: The Indian Express

On average, more than four in five married or partnered people (84%) are satisfied with their relationship, while two in three adults (63%) are satisfied with their romantic or intimate life.

Overall, across 32 countries with 22,508 respondents, 76% feel loved, 84% are satisfied with their current relationship, and 63% are happy with their romantic or intimate life.

These countries have the highest feeling loved percentage

Netherlands (90%)
Indonesia (87%)
Argentina (84%)
China (84%)

The lowest are:

Japan (49%)
South Korea (53%)
Belgium (64%)

From this calculation, Boomers feel more loved (80%) than Gen Xers (75%), Millennials (76%) and Gen Zers (76%).

Factors of satisfaction rate

People with better income (87%) and are more educated (86%) are likely to be satisfied with their relationship. This differs from middle and low come earners (82% and 80%) and middle or lower education (82% and 80%).

Can you believe it? On average, men and women are almost equally likely to be satisfied with their partners (85% for men and 83% for women). Additionally, both are happy with their romantic or intimate life (63%). However, 76% of women feel more loved than men (75%).

Love is subjective. Don’t let these numbers intimidate you. Show your appreciation to your partner every day, and not just on 14 February, okay? (And don’t forget to love yourself too.)

Sources: Twitter BFM News, Ipsos

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