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Will iPhone 13 Pro And 13 Pro Max Users Face This Issue After A Year?

Pictures: Twitter Xavier Naxa, PNGkey

Apple Inc has been producing one of the best flagship smartphones in the world. The beauty and quality specs of the iPhone lure many people.

The first generation iPhone was released in June 2007 in the United States. Then, the smartphone evolved according to the technological demands of 21st-century users. The company has released its latest invention, iPhone 14, 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max.


Picture: Apple Wiki

Almost everyone prefers iPhone over Android smartphones. The ongoing debate of #TeamiOS and #TeamAndroid never sizzles down, especially if respective companies have new products in hand. People will start comparing these two models to crown the best.

It seems like many people use iPhones more. When using public transport, we can see more iPhones than Androids. It might be a trend we didn’t know.

However, iPhone users, especially 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, do you face this problem? It looks like a serious issue.

Do iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max have screen issues?

Xavier Naxa (@XavierNaxa) tweeted his concern about the screen of these Apple smartphone models.

According to Xavier, it’s a severe problem that affects many users. The screen appears to be in colours like pink, white and brown. Additionally, green lines are also present on the phone’s screen.

The screen problem distracts and triggers anxiety because some are uncertain of its cause. Although every phone comes with a warranty, Apple users can’t use it to fix the issue.

Why? Several Apple users sent their phones to Switch or Machines. Sadly, they said the phone was still in good condition. No repairs were required.

But more users face the same problem every day. Even though Xavier has issued a letter to the company, no actions made yet.

Netizens need to be more ‘pushy’

It’s a customer’s right to get the best service and product after paying for it. iPhones aren’t cheap. It costs a fortune to some. But if this issue has no resolution, people might stop purchasing iPhones after this.

Anyone who is affected by this should be more pushy and stern. They should sign a petition to Apple to fix the screen problem. If people are united, their voices will be heard.

iPhone users now fear updating to the latest iOS

Some users speculate the problem occurs after updating to the newest iOS 16.


Picture: Twitter Xavier Naxa


Picture: Twitter Xavier Naxa

But this doesn’t confirm the root of the problem.

Many are curious and worried that their phones face the same thing.


Picture: Twitter Xavier Naxa


Picture: Twitter Xavier Naxa

Are you an iPhone 13 P and 13 PRO Max user? Do you also face this issue?

Source: Twitter Xavier Naxa

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