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Let’s Go For A Quick Trip To Universal Studios Singapore!

Picture: Klook

When travelling to Singapore, it would be a waste not to have fun at Universal Studios Singapore! Let’s look at how @marsyafaizul travelled to the amusement park from Kuala Lumpur and returned to the homeland just in one day!

According to @marsyafaizul, her trip was from Kuala Lumpur and headed straight to Singapore (not Johor Bharu). Reminder: Not the most convenient trip regarding cost and comfort, but suitable for those who want a quick trip.

1. Transport 

  • It was a last-minute trip for her. Thus, the flight ticket for one person was RM300. So, her family decided to take the bus — RM300 for 2 people.
  • KL-Singapore (RM50), Singapore-KL (RM120 per person).


3. Singapore streets

  • Public transport helps a lot! You can use your debit/credit card to use their public transport, instead of buying a card like TouchNGo. 
  • @marsyafaizul used the MAE Maybank card and activated the overseas transaction. Just top-up some money and you are ready to use it.

4.Download CityMapper

  • It is convenient as you can navigate which bus or MRT station you must take.

5. No need to bring cash (at least for @marsyafaizul)

  • She only used her MAE card. If you do not have an MAE card, Bigpay, WISE, etc can be used.

6. Universal Studios Singapore

  • She bought the tickets from Klook.

7. Download the Universal Studios Singapore Application

  • You can check out for the waiting time for rides, show, and restaurants.

8. Food price

  • She revealed the price of the food is more like in Kuala Lumpur (tourist attraction).

9. Pray (salah)

  • You can go to the nearest mosque. There is a musolla at Universal Studios Singapore. However, there is none at Gardens by the Bay.
  • She reminded us to do some research before going on a trip.

10. Bring a bottle or a portable bidet

  • Not every toilet has a bidet to clean yourself.

See her full itinerary below:


Picture: @marsyafaizul

The fixed cost of her trip:


Picture: @marsyafaizul

If you do not want to use much money, do these:

1. Take a bus to Johor Bharu. You will save at least RM50. 

2. Eat at hawker stalls or bring your own food. Food at the amusement park is pricy. 

3. Do not rent a locker for your stuff. Bring your own bag.

Thanks for the tips, @marsyafaizul!

Source: @marsyafaizul! (Twitter)

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