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WONDA Coffee Bags New World Record Title In Guinness World Records

WONDA Coffee

WONDA Coffee, one of Malaysia’s leading ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee brands that offer the smooth taste of freshly brewed coffee in a can, has successfully made its mark in the Guinness World Records for ‘The Largest Online Video Chain of People Performing Football Juggle’, participated by football enthusiasts across Malaysia.

The record title was presented by an official adjudicator from Guinness World Records to Amy Gan, Vice President of Marketing of Etika Sdn Bhd – earning themselves yet another magnificent triumph and significant milestone. 

In conjunction with the last FIFA World Cup, WONDA Coffee organized its #WONDABolaCorner campaign to connect fellow Malaysians at every corner with their fervent enthusiasm for football by encouraging them to participate in an activity that would leave a historical significance while highlighting one of the country’s best-sellers, WONDA Kopi Tarik. 

As football is a game that can be played almost everywhere, WONDA Kopi Tarik likewise has given Malaysians an exciting experience to indulge in its freshly brewed coffee throughout this campaign with a presence at every corner to accompany them while watching “The Most Watched Game on Earth” – acting as the enabler in uniting Malaysians to achieve world recognition via football platform despite not making It in the World Cup.

Malaysians are known for their devotion to football, hence WONDA attempted to bring them together to break the previous record for “The Most People in an Online Chain Passing a Football” by taking it a step further and doing a football juggle. To juggle a football requires a certain level of skill as it is not as easy as just passing a ball. In an effort to galvanize more Malaysians into this exciting motion, some of Malaysia’s world-class football talents such as Mohd Faiz Subri, Safiq Rahim, Qhouirunnisa, Steffi Sidhu, and others had also initiated the effort to spark further excitement among Malaysians to achieve historical moments together with WONDA Coffee. 

Amy Gan mentioned that WONDA Coffee has been determined to unite Malaysians by transcending geographical boundaries across the country via social media to create history like never before – which is to attempt the Guinness World Records involving all Malaysians to record a video of themselves juggling the football for a minimum of two kick-ups without dropping it.

“The initiative has been a massive success that can be validated by the overwhelming response and mass participation of Malaysians which far surpassed our initial expectations. We truly appreciate and would like to thank everyone for the tremendous support throughout this activity and we hope it will contribute to connecting communities at every corner through the shared goal of breaking worldwide records.

“We are very honored to have been awarded such privileged recognition and undoubtedly, the endorsement was another feather in our cap after the year-long efforts in championing the spirit of togetherness among Malaysians towards a more united Malaysia with WONDA Coffee. It spells further excitement for WONDA Coffee as it strengthens our position as one of the leading RTD Coffee brands and our excellence in appealing to local consumers,” added Amy.

In the past, Etika has been credited with setting significant industry milestones, and after breaking a number of records, the company is committed to setting more in the future.

For more information on the feat achieved by WONDA Coffee, please visit

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