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MYAirline Reinforces Commitment To Safety


MYAirline announces its unwavering commitment to safety and passengers’ wellbeing by reporting that it has surpassed an engineering milestone today, clocking 6,000 hours of safe flying six months since the start of its operations. This milestone is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the engineering team, to ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers since the start of operations on 1st December 2022. 

With the continuous advancement of safety measures, innovative technology, and a dedicated team of professionals, MYAirline remains at the forefront of the industry, ensuring the highest standards of safety for its passengers. A large part of this is based on a comprehensive maintenance program that is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). 

Records show that our fleet of seven aircraft undergoes 959 maintenance checkpoints daily. Even before taking off KLIA Terminal 2 each morning, an aircraft must pass 117 checkpoints from the approved preflight maintenance checklist. There is also a periodic maintenance checklist which covers 149 itemized items on an aircraft. MYAirline’s Engineering division, aptly named Continued Airworthiness Maintenance Organization is subject to stringent compliance and oversight activities by the CAAM, making it assuredly safe for passengers. 

“We understand the critical role of safety in the airline industry, and it has always been our top priority.” said Rayner Teo, CEO of MYAirline. ” Having passed four audits by industry regulators and conducting more than forty on our suppliers since December with more to come, I am certain that we have demonstrated a solid support structure to build our growth upon.” 

Rayner also added that having a highly reliable fleet is important with the current load factors. “Thanks in part to the strong demand and support, we have been recording a network average load factor of 92%. As of today, we have surpassed the 800,000th passenger mark and we will reach our one millionth passenger milestone very soon. Hence, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability for all our passengers, and achieving this engineering milestone reflects that commitment”. 

“Ensuring the highest level of safety and security of air operation is paramount in our role to regulate the civil aviation industry through regular safety oversight on all operators,” said Captain Norazman Mahmud, CEO of Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM). “Based on the safety oversight and audits carried out, our operators have met the safety requirements”.

MYAirline also prides itself on having a spare aircraft on standby to support the network in the case of unscheduled maintenance. The airline is constantly working with its vendors in ensuring inventories and emergency spares are fulfilled as part of the requirements to operate an airline. We look forward to continuing to provide our passengers with safe, reliable, and comfortable air travel. 

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