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SHARP Launches Revolutionary AQUOS XLED TV In Malaysia With Groundbreaking Japanese Technology And Quality


Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (SHARP), the leading consumer electronics and home appliances market player, has announced the launch of its latest and most advanced television model, the SHARP AQUOS XLED in Malaysia. Having pioneered innovation for over 20 years, the AQUOS brand is known for its association with Japanese quality and technology. The brand is confident that the release of AQUOS XLED will take the AQUOS brand to greater heights in the coming two decades.

As the No. 1 TV brand in Japan, the SHARP AQUOS XLED features several groundbreaking technologies that make it stand out from other TVs in the market, including four major features: the Xtreme miniLED, Xtreme Brightness, Deep Chroma and ARSS+ Speaker Surround System. 

  1. Xtreme miniLED that powers the Aquos XLED with over 2,000 dimming zones – providing an unmatched viewing experience. 
  2. Xtreme Brightness with 88x backlight LEDs provides up to 6x peak brightness compared to conventional SHARP 4K models. 
  3. deep Chroma that provides more than 20% colour coverage area as compared to the current products that are available in the market – known as the highest colour representation in the history of AQUOS. 
  4. SHARP AQUOS XLED features 11 speakers surrounding the screen, powered by ARSS+ Speaker Surround System and support 85-watt audio output – ensuring a premium audio experience.

“We are thrilled to bring the latest Japanese technology and quality to Malaysia with the launch of the SHARP AQUOS XLED. This TV provides an unparalleled viewing experience for our customers, thanks to its unique features such as the Xtreme mini-LEDs and deep Chroma – we can’t wait for Malaysians to experience it for themselves,” shared Mr. Ting Yang Chung, Managing Director of SHARP Malaysia. 

The SHARP AQUOS XLED is also one of the award-winning products presented by iF Design 2023 in the Professional Concept discipline, recognising it as one of the never-before-seen innovative ideas and experimental concepts.

Currently, SHARP AQUOS XLED is available in two sizes, 65” and 75”; with the 65” model priced at RM 15,999 available in May 2023, while the 75” model will be available in July 2023 at RM25,999.  To celebrate the launch, SHARP will be offering a special promotion starting 18 May 2023 until 30 May, where customers who purchase new 65” SHARP AQUOS XLED will be able to receive complimentary DJI Mini 3 drones (worth more than RM2,000).

Moreover, in conjunction with SHARP’s 111th Anniversary this year, they have also launched a series of innovative products including the new Google TV, FL1X (50”, 55”, 65”) and FK1X (42”, 50”, 55”, 65”, 75”) models. These models offer Dolby VISION IQ/ATMOS technology, providing a truly immersive viewing experience. SHARP is also introducing the Zen Black Series and PUREFIT line-up, focus on minimalist design and seamless integration into customers’ lifestyles. The Zen Black Series offers a sleek and stylish design, while the PUREFIT line-up is designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle with its unique features such as Coanda airflow, high-performance double-sided suction, and Micro HEPA plus filter.

“The launch of the SHARP AQUOS XLED and other innovative products reaffirms our commitment to delivering superior technology, quality and design to our customers in Malaysia. We hope these products will exceed our customers’ expectations and enhance their lifestyles in new and meaningful ways,” added Mr Ting. 

This revolutionary launch marks SHARP’s commitment to bringing groundbreaking Japanese technology and quality to the Malaysian market. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the latest in TV technology by visiting your nearest SHARP retailer to learn more about the SHARP AQUOS XLED, Google TV, Zen Black Series, and PUREFIT line-up!

For more information about SHARP’s latest updates or promotions, please visit its official website at (, and follow its official Facebook page (@SharpMsia) or Instagram (@sharp.malaysia).  

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