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UBBF 2023: UBB5.5G, Connecting Intelligence For New Growth

As digital development gains momentum, AI is rapidly growing, and we are moving from “connectivity of everything” to “intelligent connectivity of everything”. In the era of intelligent connectivity of everything, ubiquitous intelligence drives explosive growth of digital services, continuously transforming the way we live and work.

How can fixed broadband networks continue to innovate as the connectivity foundation in the era of intelligent connectivity of everything? How can we facilitate the intelligent upgrade of industries? And how can carriers seize new-era opportunities?

The Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF) is known as an annual thought leadership event in the fixed network industry. UBBF 2023, the 9th UBBF to be held in Dubai from October 12 to 13, 2023, will answer all these questions.

UBB, Connecting Intelligence for Accelerated Digital Productivity Growth

In the digital economy era, industries are undergoing booming digital transformation, resulting in an accelerated convergence of the physical and virtual worlds. This convergence has led to the emergence of numerous new digital services, which in turn have created new opportunities for carriers. At the same time, new applications are becoming immersive, cloud-based, and IoT-based, posing higher requirements on network connection capacity, reliability, flexibility, and efficiency.

In response to this trend, global industry leaders have reached a consensus on jointly promoting the standards formulation of F5.5G and Net5.5G and the development and innovation of related technologies, applications, and ecosystem. Such consensus was reached during UBBF 2022 (held in Bangkok, Thailand from October 27 to 28, 2022) under the topic of “UBB Target Network Construction in the 5.5G Era”, driving the development of the UBB industry.

Over the past year, the UBB industry has made remarkable progress in standards formulation and key technology research and verification. However, as AI increasingly penetrates into our work and life, immersive and intelligent services are continuously emerging and gradually becoming a key driving force for improving social productivity. This poses increasingly higher requirements on UBB networks.

For example, generative AI-based 3D videos are gradually developing, AI assistant applications are gaining increasing popularity, and digital-intelligent transformation is extending to core production processes in industries. It is imperative for carriers to provide high-quality 10 Gbps connection services for individuals, homes, and enterprises, for metro networks to evolve to 400G, and for backbone networks to evolve to 800G. As AI foundation models involve increasingly more parameters, they impose more stringent requirements on DCN performance, covering bandwidth, latency, and packet loss. As services become increasingly diverse and complex, networks also need to introduce AI foundation models for autonomy to achieve higher operational efficiency.

At the upcoming UBBF 2023, global carriers, partners, standards organizations, regulators, and vertical industry leaders will gather together to discuss how to build productivity-centric UBB target networks in the era of intelligent connectivity of everything. They will discuss how to comprehensively improve UBB network performance to fully unleash the network potential.

UBBF 2023

Quick Preview of UBBF 2023 Highlights

Though facing the preceding challenges posed by intelligent transformation, UBB can actually create a broader stage for carriers. For example, carriers can leverage their advantages in resources to converge networks, clouds, and intelligence for E2E Connection+ services, innovate business models, and expand business scopes and markets. What innovative technologies will networks introduce in the intelligent era? What new business opportunities will the connectivity that has enabled network-cloud-intelligence convergence bring to carriers? With these questions in mind, we have prepared a quick preview of this UBBF’s four major highlights.

Highlight 1: Technology Release

Cutting-edge UBB technologies, including the UBB target network, related products, and ADN L4 industry white paper, will be released. This will accelerate the intelligent upgrade of industries and help carriers seize new opportunities in the intelligent era to achieve new service growth.

Highlight 2: Success Story Sharing

Leading carriers will share success stories about how they work with Huawei to explore the huge market space brought by the intelligent transformation of industries and homes. They will also discuss target network construction and related innovative practices to explore how to expand business boundaries to drive new growth.

Highlight 3: Immersive Exhibition Tour

Immersive experience of business prospects will be made available through immersive exhibition. In the digital exhibition hall with an area of more than 1500 m2, you will see the latest solutions and products launched by Huawei for transport networks, HBB, industry intelligent transformation, DCN, and more. In addition, you will learn how leading carriers fully unleash the potential of UBB5.5G to achieve service innovation and revenue increase through ToB Private Line +X and FTTR showcases.

Highlight 4: CXO Roundtable

More than 30 CXOs and industry leaders from carriers, industry/standards organizations, vertical industries, and analysts around the world will gather together to share their cutting-edge insights and discuss the future trend of UBB.

Intelligent transformation is moving at an accelerated pace. As the connectivity foundation for the intelligent world, UBB networks need to keep up with the times through accelerated iteration and innovation. Let’s stride to the UBB5.5G era of intelligent connectivity of everything. We sincerely invite you to join us at UBBF 2023 in Dubai on October 12 to 13. See you there!

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