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Introducing 3CE STYLENANDA: The Color Expert from Seoul, Korea

Originating from the fast and ever-evolving city of Seoul, the renowned Korean cosmetics brand 3CE STYLENANDA transcends traditional makeup by seamlessly blending innovative makeup and contemporary fashion to complete the ultimate head-to-toe look. With an unwavering commitment to fostering creativity and innovation, 3CE has captivated the hearts of discerning Asian Gen Z and Millennials, establishing itself as a frontrunner in the beauty industry through its O2O platforms. The brand’s precisely curated palette of delicate shades, texture variations, and captivating packaging has fascinated beauty enthusiasts not only in Korea and China but also across the vibrant Southeast Asian markets.


The Journey of Creative Makeup: First started-off as a 1st generation fashion in South Korea, 3CE embarked on a transformative journey and unveiled its makeup brand in 2009, aptly named 3CE, to complete the ultimate look. Embracing the motto of “creative makeup,” the brand continuously pushes boundaries, drawing inspiration from fashion and beyond. Since then, 3CE has been the unrivaled color expert, leading the Korean beauty trend.

Unleashing the Power of Color


At the heart of 3CE’s success lies its unparalleled expertise in color. It has become the vanguard of color trends in Asia, earning the well-deserved moniker of “the Color Master.” Recognized by consumers for its unique and diverse shade range, 3CE offers an extensive selection that caters to every individual’s personal color. From warm to cool, light to neutral, and dark skin tones, 3CE products empower customers to find their perfect match, allowing them to express their true beauty.

Lip Collections – A Symphony of Luscious Lips


Indulge in the exquisite world of 3CE’s lip collections, boasting an array of delicate and color-sensitive shades. From matte to glossy, our lip products transcend expectations. While 3CE is renowned for its earthy tones, it goes beyond the ordinary, offering a wider spectrum from vibrant oranges, intense reds, to lovely pinks. Discover 3CE’s bestsellers, such as the Blur Water Tint, a hydrating water gel formula with a soft and blurry finish, or the Velvet Lip Tint, a lip tint that softly adheres to the lips, leaving a velvety touch. For those seeking a matte masterpiece, the Hazy Lip Clay boasts 10 muted shades with ultimate matte finish, while the Blur Matte Lipstick offers everyday elegance with a comfortable, easy-to-blur formula. And let’s not forget 3CE’s latest addition to the lip gloss collection, the Drop Glow Gel, which delivers a bouncy gloss with ultra-vivid color and a hydrating, non-sticky formula.


Eyeshadow Collections – Eyes that Mesmerize


Unlock the endless possibilities of eye makeup with 3CE’s captivating eye collections. From natural, everyday looks to glamorous, dramatic sparkles, 3CE eyeshadows are adored for their easy-to-use, high-quality formula and incomparable colors. The iconic Multi Eye Color Palette, a beloved 9-pan eyeshadow palette, has set the standard for excellence since its launch, inspiring countless me-too products. Offering harmonious, high-pigmented shades in both matte and shimmery formulations, this palette is a must-have for any makeup enthusiast. And for those seeking a touch of enchantment, Eye Switch, a glitter that accentuates sparkle under the eyes, has become a staple in Korean idol makeup, cherished by makeup artists and consumers alike. Finally, the New Take Eyeshadow Palette combines outstanding quality shades with trendy packaging, transporting users into a world of infinite imagination, where they can create their own unique makeup masterpieces.

Face Blush Collection – A Gentle Embrace for the Cheeks


Explore the renowned allure of 3CE Face Blush, a true masterpiece that never fails to fascinate. With its carefully curated range of shades, these blushes effortlessly blend with your skin tone, creating a natural and radiant look. Experience the smooth and silky texture as it glides onto your cheeks with a gentle touch. The highly pigmented formula ensures a long-lasting and delicate flush of color that beautifully enhances your complexion throughout the day.

3CE’s very first beauty kiosk in Malaysia


Welcome to 3CE’s very first beauty kiosk in Malaysia, located at Underwater store, Seibu The Exchange TRX (Level C)!

The store is adorned with vibrant color accents, mirroring the brand’s lively palette. Underwater store is offering an immersive and wonderful shopping experiences with complete range of 3CE’s products and exclusive merchandise. Furthermore, customers can anticipate personalized advice from our beauty advisors trained specially on 3CE’s offerings, ensuring professional beauty/ make up advice.

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