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Five Bangladeshis And One Local Are Being Hunted By The Immigration Department

Six individuals involving five Bangladeshis as well as a local are wanted by the Immigration Department of Malaysia (JIM).

JIM in a statement on Facebook said it follows for the purpose of the trial in court in relation to several prosecution cases under the Immigration Act 1959/63.

People with information are requested to immediately contact the Investigating Officer, Deputy Assistant Director of Immigration (TPPI), Arif Azanor Tompang @ Abdul Razak at the Operations, Investigation and Prosecution Division, JIM Headquarters, Putrajaya at 03-88801338 / 1330 (office hours) or Room Movement at 03-88801555 (outside office hours).

Below is the information by the Immigration Department of Malaysia: –

Picture: Immigration Department of Malaysia

Picture: Immigration Department of Malaysia

Picture: Immigration Department of Malaysia

Picture: Immigration Department of Malaysia[0]=68.ARDCedB4YeLVZGmKNOMrrM2CI9j9FAZ0b98DH2g–KRwoQ8B9l5Er3-WMKtHp6CUT81dq-x41ETkIVs4rwX1oMAuGKnpvWs_7i-WjWFZF0y6L-CIyBBvCTIF8Y3LJoXSZxPgq4id7AyQ8fPJBuOsAh9LOLH8_nhEcKA6W3uB_ezma8AWCnAqrh76r2jTaj58YLS6DF91VHPJwmcKbAiAYKi91SCQLWiVRtUgoYMRbEMi8iDiEeB5FbDzK2nEra0nQV-Y0YkbJBphC1V_DB_Q5r-U9pYnx1iLUZIaNzQmrTn_hQBnWoeRJHnx9mTg8gHjokXoQZrUpg1ms4c4pdDjYRNcrw&__tn__=-R

Source: Immigration Department of Malaysia 

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