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5 Jobs For English Major Graduates

Having an English Degree as your qualification actually opens your job options very wide into different perspectives and these jobs are mostly very interesting because they allow you to express your ability and knowledge to the fullest. Other than that, the job options also let you practice and help to enhance the knowledge that you have learned so far.

These are 5 job options that can be chosen when you have an English Degree:

1) Journalist

Journalism is one of the job options that is a fast-paced job. This job is usually best suited for people who are organized, determined, and also enjoy some challenges in their life. This is because the journalist has to keep up with all the new information and details that are happening in this whole wide world. Being a journalist means that they have to be used on how to do research, interview, and also write to their stories also must be with an emphasis on the digital journalism techniques as everything can be misunderstood nowadays if the facts stated are not right.

2) Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

The English language is the most useful language that can be learned as it usually is used in many places as a universal language. It could be guaranteed that most people in this world know the English language. Because of this, a job as a teacher who teaches English as a Foreign Language would be one of the most successful jobs there is gonna be. By choosing this job as a career also can let you use your English language knowledge the best that you can. This teaching English as a Foreign Language job aspect is quite different from the regular teacher in school because the students that usually goes to you are students that really wanted to learn the English language to be used in their daily life forever. You will also not going to be attached to only one school only as you can choose where you want to teach.

3) Freelance Writer

Being a writer is definitely one of the dreams for most English language students as you can express your own creativity to write what you want and feels comfortable for your genre of writing. To be a good freelance writer, you have to be familiar with a lot of websites, blogs, and also publications as they usually pay good money for a great article that is related to their company. All you have to do would be writing the articles that the company wanted as professional and creative you can until they can attract their customers and audiences with your writing.

4) Social Work

If your speaking ability in the English Language is as good as your writing ability, choosing to be a social worker as your job aspect would definitely be an interesting one for you. This is because the demand for a social worker that is good with the English Language is very high right now. Even though is kind of a tough job because you have to deal with people and try to understand them, this job also can make you feel better as you can help and support vulnerable people that are absolutely in need at the moment.

5) Content Manager

There are a lot of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many others that have become one of the most useable media to promote products for many companies and organizations out there. These social media platforms also are used to engage with audiences and potential customers. To promote things in these platforms would absolutely need articles, infographics, and also videos posted on them. This is where content managers come into place because they are the person in charge to do a lot of research, planning, and producing a range of information for companies. The information used is often with a strategic goal in mind like boosting readers or even increasing sales for the companies themselves.

Sources: Student World Online.

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