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Coco Wafer Smoothie Beverages, Collab Between Tealive And KitKat

Coco Wafer Smoothie beverages are out now at Tealive. All chocolate lovers would definitely love these as there are 2 brand new beverages to try. Starting from the 27th of April 2022, you all can go to your nearest Tealive and get them.

Based on the Facebook post, “The popular KitKat can now be enjoyed as a versatile spread! And you will be the first in Malaysia to enjoy these Tealive-exclusive drinks”. So excited for us Malaysians to taste the new chocolatey menus.

Coco Wafer Smoothie

Picture: Facebook

They also added, “Using the new KITKAT®️ Spread, the Coco Wafer Smoothie brings you a delightful balance of crunchy wafer & the signature taste that every KITKAT®️ & Tealive fans love”. These are definitely worth the try.

The two new beverages would be the Signature Smoothie and also the Berry Smoothie. Both of these beverages look really tempting and delicious to try. Waste no time anymore and go to your nearest Tealive outlet and buy them.

1) Signature Smoothie

This is the beverage in which you can really taste the authentic flavor of the KITKAT®️ Spread being incorporated in it. The taste is not too sweet and surely delicious to taste. Cookie crumbs on top enhanced the experience to drink it.

2) Berry Smoothie

For those who love a tinge of berry taste in the beverage, this one is the perfect one for you. The combination of both chocolate and berries really creates a satisfying taste for the beverage. This is the favorite one between both of them.

All in all, both of these Coco Wafer Smoothie beverages are something that you do want to try. You will love them.

Sources: Facebook, Instagram.

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