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Love of A Father To His Disabled Son, TikToker Share Their Sad Story

love of a father

Without a doubt, the love of a father is definitely something that most people do not see frequently. This is because a father always getting stereotyped as someone that do not show emotions. This is absolutely such a wrong statement as there are also fathers out there that take care of their family with all of their hearts. For example, this old father.

This father and disabled son duo live in El Salvador. For those who might not know, El Salvador is a country that is located specifically in Central America. The story of this old father and his son was shared by a TikToker that goes by the name Aaron Murphy. Looking at the posted video, tears can definitely be flowing a lot because it is so emotional.

@murphslife This father is the meaning of true love. #elsalvador #sanmiguel #fypシ #love ♬ To Build A Home – The Cinematic Orchestra & Patrick Watson

The disabled son is so happy and grateful for the father that he has. This is because the father has very unconditional love towards his son. He is willingly carrying his disabled son to school every single day. He did this since his son is in kindergarten. Other than that, the father also takes care of his son with all of his love and also effort that he has.

Luckily, the neighbors have kindly lent some help to make their burden lighter. The father got a wheelchair as a gift from the neighbors. With the gift, the father has easier access to push his son to school. Very kind-hearted neighbors.

Love Of A Father To His Son

One of the saddest lines that the father said is, “Until the day that I die, until the last of my strength, I’ll carry him”. This proves that he never complained about anything even though his son is disabled. He really has really pure heart. In the video as well, the TikToker asked the father what is his dream in life. His answer was to work hard and save up money. With that, he hopes that he then would be able to buy himself a pickup and he could carry his son around.

Picture: TikTok

In the end, the TikToker gifted the father a pickup and also a laptop for the disabled son. A very kind gesture by the TikToker. Hopefully, the TikToker would achieve much more success in his life, and all the best to the father and son.

Sources: TikTok murphslife.

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