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Ramadan Buffet In Putrajaya, Here Are 5 Options That You Can Try

Ramadan buffet in Putrajaya would be some of the attractions that people are searching for right now. Especially for those who live near the Putrajaya area. Without a doubt, the population is definitely a huge one. If you are included in the mentioned category of people, worry not. This article will surely help you to ease the job for you to find some.

There are so many Ramadan buffets that are available in Putrajaya. Most of them are usually in hotels, restaurants, and others. Surprisingly, all of them are at affordable prices. This is the perfect time for you to spend time with your beloved family members and friends. At the same time, you could also contribute to the local business in Malaysia.

Ramadan Buffet In Putrajaya

1) Dorsett Putrajaya

Picture: Dorsett Putrajaya

This Ramadan buffet is indeed available every single day in the holy month of Ramadan. It starts from 6.45 pm until 9.15 pm. For the price, it would be RM138 for an adult while for a senior citizen or a child cost is RM78. With all the varieties of food offered, the price is actually affordable for many. Other than the Ramadan buffet, Dorsett Putrajaya also offers amazing room packages for visitors that come

2) Zenith Putrajaya

Ramadan buffet in Putrajaya

Picture: Zenith Putrajaya

There are more than 100 different kinds of dishes available for iftar at Zenith Putrajaya. The price for adults would be RM148, a total of RM108 for senior citizens, and also RM88 for children. The menu is going to be inspired by the various cultures in this country. Some options are the shell-out sambal petai, ostrich rendang tok, and others.

3) Hotel Marriott Putrajaya

Picture: Marriott Putrajaya

The theme for the Ramadan buffet at Marriott Putrajaya is the theme of Pentas Citarasa. The price is going to be RM148 for adults and also RM74 for children. Durian lovers need to choose this buffet because there are so many different durian menus that are available.

4) Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City

Ramadan buffet in Putrajaya

Picture: Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City

The buffet at Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort City is called the Ramadan Kampunglicious. With the affordable price of only RM128 for adults and RM64 for children, you should definitely try this one. Here, you will enjoy the food like the one that you have back in your hometown. Definitely will make you go down memory lane.

5) Putrajaya International Convention Centre

Picture: Putrajaya International Convention Centre

This might be one of the most affordable Ramadan buffets that is available in Putrajaya. The price for adults is only RM60 while the price for children is going to be RM30. The buffet also has Rosma Sidik as the performer.

Sources: Dorsett Putrajaya, Zenith Putrajaya, Marriott Putrajaya, Palm Garden Hotel Putrajaya, PICC.

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