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Traffic Jams Are The Worst Thing Ever, These Are Some Causes Of Them

Traffic jams would be one of the things on the road that many people have to face. According to the people’s shared experiences, nobody likes facing them. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner, these traffic jams are inevitable.

There are actually many reasons that cause these situations. Some of them can easily be expected while others could happen unexpectedly. For those who might not have any idea about it, these are some causes of them on the road.

Picture: BERNAMA

Causes Of Traffic Jams

1) Distracted Driving

This might be a really common thing that people in this whole wide world do when they are driving. Malaysians also do this thing while they are on the road. The perfect example of a distraction while driving is none other than using your own phone. Even though that seems not like a serious thing to be talked about, using a phone while driving can be both dangerous and also a burden to other people that are driving as well. Other examples of distraction are going to be talking to other passengers without focusing on the road, eating, drinking, or even smoking. Stop doing all that!

2) Saturation Of Vehicles

Different times would have different saturation of vehicles on the road. Higher saturation of vehicles usually happens during any celebrations. For example, the Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Malaysia. During this big festive celebration, many people would take the chance to go back to their hometown. That is why there are so many vehicles would be on the road at the same time. Due to that issue, traffic congestion will definitely happen. Worry not because as long as all the drivers on the road follow the road rules and regulations, everyone can pass through the congestion at any time.

3) Accidents

This is a particular thing that surely needs to be avoided by all. This is because road accidents do not just trouble the people that involve in the accidents but actually involve every single person that is using the road. For example, the road could change from a 3-lane road to just a 1-lane road because the other lanes got used by the accidents. During a time when the road has a lot of vehicles, having just 1-lane could badly affect the traffic. Such an inconvenience.

4) Aggressive Driving

Having an aggressive feeling while on the road could never bring any positive consequences. This is because people that are angry would drive their vehicles as they want to without giving any attention to the other people who also use the road at that time. That is why you have to cool yourself down first before you continue with your journey. Any road rage can indirectly cause accidents that are really troublesome to all the road users in this whole wide world.

5) Construction

Construction usually could take up half of the road. That is the reason why construction is one of the reasons that cause traffic congestion on the road. The worst part would be if the construction occurs in the middle of the main highway that a lot of cars used for them to go back to their hometown. This could affect the planning of their journey.

Sources: Extra Mile, TTPA.

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