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Coffee Grounds Reusable? These Are Some Alternative Uses For Them

Coffee grounds are something you must have been familiar with if you are a coffee lover and you usually make your coffee at home. Instead of just throwing them all into the rubbish bin, there are several alternative uses for them.

Not a lot of people might know about them but these grounds actually have so many benefits. Especially to the soil, environment, and others. If you feel this topic is interesting, you definitely have to know about all these alternatives.

Picture: This Old House

Alternative Uses For Coffee Grounds

1) Fertilizers for the tree

These grounds have nutrients such as calcium, nitrogen, magnesium, and chromium. Due to that, they are indeed very suitable to be used for tree plants. You can easily sprinkle the coffee grounds on the soil near the tree. But not too much as the coffee ground can be so acidic and it might damage the trees. To neutralize it, you can use eggshells.

2) Organic body scrub

Coffee grounds that have a gritty texture make it a perfect use to be exfoliators. Some simple ingredients to produce your own body scrub would be these grounds, natural oil, and also brown sugar. Even if it does not smell fragrant, it works the same way as other exfoliators as well. You should try this body scrub because it helps you to save money.

3) Deodorize your living room

Sometimes even after cleaning the house, the house still has an unpleasant smell. The method is simple, take the dried coffee grounds, place them in an open container then place them in the middle of the room. Your room will surely smell good. This is because coffee grounds could soak up odors. Easy way to get rid of the faulty odors around.

4) Pests and insects repellers

Many people might not know this but the coffee grounds could be toxic to pests and insects. You can just set out your coffee grounds on a surface or even you can sprinkle them on the designated area that you want. It is very helpful!

5) Clean your sink to look and smell better

Sometimes, you can smell something bad after washing the dishes. These grounds can help. Sprinkle these coffee grounds on all surfaces of the sink and tabletop. Use a damp cloth to gently rub and brush for the sink. Rinse again with a clean damp cloth. You can finally get a good smelling and beautifully look sink in your house. Try this hack.

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