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Optimus Prime Set Unveiled By LEGO That Is More Than Just A Figurine

Optimus Prime set

Optimus Prime set is definitely a major thing that got introduced by LEGO recently. The most exciting part about it would be that it is more than just a simple figurine. It is now able to transform without having to remove any of its pieces. That is definitely such a grand and fun upgrade on a LEGO figurine. Fans around the world would love this.

The measurement would be 35cm tall when it is in robot mode. In addition, the Optimus Prime set is going to be 15cm high when it transforms into a truck. According to the LEGO website, it would be available to the public on the 1st of June 2022. For those who want to buy it, the selling price is $169.99 which is equivalent to RM747.58 only.

Picture: LEGO

The Transformers set includes 1,508 pieces in total. Fans that buy this particular set would feel so satisfied as it has a total of 19 articulation points. All of the points help to allow a smooth transformation of the figurine. Great to have it!

Joseph Patrick Kyde who is the senior designer at the LEGO Group said, “Optimus Prime has become a pop-culture symbol of courage, selflessness, and great leadership as well as an awesome toy that embodies the problem-solving and creativity skills that both companies value so much”. If you really love Transformers, you will appreciate this.

Joseph Patrick Kyde also added, “It’s been a wonderful and challenging task to bring him to life using LEGO bricks, especially making sure that he can shift modes without disassembly and stay true to his signature look and style”.

Sources: IGN Southeast Asia, LEGO, Twitter.

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