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American Boy Gets Excited To Get ‘Tanjak’ From Malay Wrestler

American boy

The reaction of an American boy that gets excited has really attracted the attention of many people. He gets excited once he really received a ‘tanjak‘ from a Malay wrestler. The wrestler is none other than Ayez Shaukat Fonseka himself. Such a meaningful time.

Despite having competed on the international stage, Ayez Shaukat Fonseka still brings a traditional trait. He can be seen to be so proud to willingly bring the appearance of Malaysian identity. He wears a ‘tanjak’ and a ‘songket jacket’ to the eyes of the world.

@coachshaukat Bangga dapat perluaskan budaya nusantara di Hollywood, dan buatkan anak-anak kecil di sana tertarik dengan budaya kita. #viral #prowrestling #prowrestler #fyp #malaysiaviral #indonesiaviral ♬ original sound – Shaukat

He recently shared a TikTok video that went viral. The posted short video shows an American boy who attended the ‘Reality of Wrestling’ event. He can be seen to be very happy right after being put a ‘tanjak’ on his head. The wrestler himself put it on him.

The photographer approached the child and captured his joyous moments. He is over the moon wearing the ‘tanjak’ on his head. It was made by Paul Carling. He is a costume designer from Sarawak. He also produced many Beauty Queen’s pageant dresses.

The sharing of Ayez Shaukat Fonseka makes many netizens proud of him. This is because he not only brought Malaysia’s name through wrestling to the international stage. He also further developed the local Malaysian culture in the eyes of the wide world.

Sources: TikTok Shaukat.

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