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Cannabis-Based Medicine Starts To Be Allowed Next Year

cannabis-based medicine

Reports say to allow usage of cannabis-based medicine soon. Another name is also cannabidiol (CBD). According to a report, next year is the date. Malaysian Ministry of Health (MOH) has indeed made a particular announcement about the recent decision.

Citing a report, the minister that is Khairy Jamaluddin informs on the important matter. As according to Khairy, a preliminary study by the ministry and also the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Division (NPRA) led to the final decision on the medicine.

Picture: Britannica

Several studies found that the existence of evidence of CBD in cannabis-based medicine can help patients with certain diseases. Even so, the product is only for medical purposes. Through a doctor’s prescription at the clinic and hospital is the only method to obtain that type of medicine. By doing this, people would not misuse this decision to allow this type of medicine in the country.

It is important to know that not any party has permission to sell it. Khairy Jamaluddin further explained the decision made. All of these CBD products do not need to go through any provision of the act or to get approval in Parliament. 

The products will also be proposed by pharmaceutical companies and NPRA assessed before finally being registered next year.

Sources: Siakap Keli

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