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Grateful Woman With Degree In Chemistry Does Not Mind Working At KFC

Story of a grateful woman has taken social media by storm recently. To make everyone clear, it is understandable that it is so hard for many people in Malaysia to get jobs. Even with qualifications already in the bag. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hits.

Other than it is hard to get a new job, there are also people who get fired at that time. It is indeed a very challenging time for a lot of people in this whole wide world. This is actually what happened to this woman. She shared her experience on the TikTok app.

Picture: TikTok

The TikTok account of the woman that goes by the name @ainxang has shared her story. She stated that she faced a big problem in her own life. She had a degree in chemistry with honors and she then had to work at a KFC restaurant for her own life survival.

However, this grateful woman has calmed down. She also has accepted the destiny that she went through. She admitted that not all jobs are perfect and it is a provision from God. In the end, she receives the fate that she destined with such an open heart.

Sources: TikTok ainxang.

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