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Sharing Of A Disabled Woman, Awareness To Always Not Judge Them

disabled woman
Picture: Twitter, Mitchell Shire Council

Sharing of a disabled woman recently has attracted much attention. Especially from the netizens all over social media platforms. She talks about how people do not validate her disabilities. Majorly because she is not wheelchair-bound. So sad for it to happen.

In her tweet that she emotionally said, “Today I was tutted at when parking in a disabled space. I had all these tubes hidden under my clothes, so I looked like a young, healthy person. But in reality, I still have a disability, despite choosing to hide my tubes”.

The important lesson that could people take from this Tweet is very important. It would be that you should never easily judge people because you do not even know their true and whole story. It is not wrong for you to be curious. Instead of making your own conclusion or even judging them, you can just ask and have a mature conversation with them. That is the perfect thing to do.

In another tweet, this disabled woman pours her heart out on what she feels. She has stated that “Living with a disability is hard enough without worrying about other peoples’ opinions”. She also added, “So just be kind, please. Disabilities are horrible things to deal with. But in reality, we will all likely experience some level of disability at some point in our lives. So be kind to each other because you never know when you’ll need help yourself”. That is why it is so important for everyone to be considerate and kind.

Sources: Twitter.

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