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Japanese Mom Creates Awesome Anime-Inspired Bento Box Art

bento box

The classic bento box art arrangement can be said to be an art form in itself. What’s more, there are some artistically with talent people who can take it to another level.

Bento box art or ‘Kyaraben’, is well-known in Japan. Moreover, because of its popularity, it has its own social media platform. It is where professional and amateur artists can share their kyaraben creations.

Riyu Yuda, a young Japanese mother of one started making bento box art as a way to get her 4-year-old son to enjoy the healthy meals she made for him. Uniquely, she specializes in anime-inspired edible compositions, creating detailed edible portraits of popular anime characters.

bento box

Picture: you.stance_ing

Furthermore, Riyu rose to fame when many photos of her amazing kyaraben creation went viral on Twitter. Fans of anime franchises like One Piece, Kimetsu no Yaiba and Detective Conan love the way she uses various ingredients to create edible versions of their favorite characters. As result, she gain thousands of new followers in no time.

For your information, kyaraben is actually a Japanese art form of arranging various foods to create an eye-catching design. And the self-taught Riyu Yuda is definitely an expert at it. Originally, bento box art began as a way to make vegetables more appealing to young children. Then, as the times goes on, it soon evolved into an edible art form.

Sources: Oddity Central, you.stance_ing

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