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Sofyank And Ryan Bakery Collab In An Amazing Transition Video

Sofyank and Ryan Bakery recently posted a video together. The video is indeed very exciting to be watched by so many people. As can see in the video, it was clearly a transition video. Other than Ryan bakery, there are also a few other TikToker got featured.

Other than a cool transition that Sofyank always comes out with, this video also has a great message. The message conceived in the video is actually pretty clear. That is none other than the attitude of people nowadays that love to talk behind people’s backs.

All in all, the editing of the video is indeed very interesting. It is fascinating to see how Sofyank and Ryan Bakery switch places in just one sweep move. At the end of the video, Sofyank also stated a question of whether or not viewers wanted a Part 2. Of course!

Looking at the comments section, a lot of people who view the video until the end loved it so much. Can’t wait if it has any sequel.

Picture: Twitter Sofyank

Picture: Twitter Sofyank

No doubt, Sofyank is the person that manages to edit this kind of video smoothly in Malaysia. Great job of him and his friends.

Sources: Twitter Sofyank.

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