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Audelia Naturals Announces A Refreshed New Look And Stockist Program

Audelia Naturals

Audelia Naturals, a homegrown brand and pioneer of children-safe essential oils (EO), is officially showing off its new facelift that highlights the natural ingredients used in each and every one of its product offerings. Being a brand that emphasises product transparency and quality, the company prides itself on maintaining high standards throughout every step of the development process, from designing and producing to distributing and selling holistic wellness products for kids.

When Audelia Naturals first established itself in September 2018, it became the first brand in the country that successfully developed a line of ready-to-use EO with high quality natural ingredients that are safe to be used on children and even babies. To ensure the premium quality of the products, each of the EO is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and patented.

As a mother, the founder and chief marketing officer of Audelia Naturals, Noor Inora Noorzainy came up with the idea to create children-safe essential oils with her own kids in mind. After realising the relatable struggles that she shared with other mothers in the community, Noor Inora believed that the presence of Audelia Naturals’ products could ultimately help parents in providing comprehensive relief practices to better care for their children.

“I’ve always wanted only the best for my own children, and I’m sure that other mothers feel the same way. This is why at Audelia Naturals, we only use quality natural ingredients in our products to ensure that our kids will be completely safe from any allergic reaction or rashes. Not only do we want to ensure the safety of our children, but as mothers, it’s only natural that we want to protect them in every way possible,” Noor Inora said.

Apart from providing relief for various types of discomfort, Audelia Naturals’ products could also be applied to babies that are feeling under the weather. Malaysian actress and mother of two, Elfira Loy for one is an advocate of this as she prefers to use Audelia Naturals’ products on her son Rayyan.

“It is a must to use (Audelia Naturals Sniffles) on Rayyan, since he usually gets the flu in the mornings,” she mentioned in one of her posts on social media.

In conjunction with the relaunching, Audelia Naturals is also debuting its Audelia Business Partners program that aims to provide working mothers or any interested parties with an additional income stream. The program will provide training to the participants that will enable them to enhance their marketing and sales capabilities.

“We believe that the value of conducting good manners in business will lead us towards a good return in revenue and success. We are trying to build an organic, full of opportunity, sustainable and reliable business environment because we hope that in the long run, Audelia Naturals will be able to help housewives and mothers to generate additional income without having to compromise their careers or the care of their children,” Noor Inora explained.

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