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Fanatic Barbz Sells Nicki Minaj’s Nail From The 2022 VMA On eBay


Barbz is the most loyal and also fanatic fan base that ever exists. For those who might not know, Barbz is the name of the fanbase for the one and only queen of hip-hop and that is none other than Nicki Minaj. Unlike the fan base for any other celebrities, Barbz would go the extra mile just for the favorite public figure. This particular statement can easily be proved by a recent post on eBay.

If you guys missed it, Nicki Minaj has recently become the host, presenter of awards, and a performer for the highly anticipated 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. On top of that, she also received the MTV Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for this year! That is such a great achievement for her. Other than the awards, other things that are so attractive during the show are her outfits.

Picture: MTV

A few days after that, a recent post on the eBay website really attracts the attention of so many people. There is a fanatic Barbz who can be seen selling the nail of Nicki Minaj from the award show. The nail is sold in a bidding process on the eBay website.

The post stated, “I was front row in the pit at the VMAs and Nicki’s acrylic nail fell off moments before she started to perform (her crew quickly glued on a replacement). This nail was WORN by THE QUEEN NICKI!! Our phones were locked up during filming, I have included photos taken before and after the show to prove authenticity. Happy to provide any further evidence if desired”.

Barbz Selling Nicki Minaj’s Nail

Picture: eBay

Without a doubt, Barbz all over the world would be gunning to get this particular nail for their collection. As of now, the bidding of this Nicki Minaj nail has reached the amount of US $14,700.00. For a better understanding, it is converted to RM 66,201.43.

Sources: eBay.

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