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iOS 16 Update For Apple User That Is More Exciting, Try These 5 Amazing Features!

iOS 16

iOS 16 would be one of the most highly anticipated updates by a lot of iPhone users in this whole wide world. The major reason for it would probably be the exciting lock screen. According to the Apple website, it is going to be more beautiful and also helpful.

So important to know, that the particular update is available today as a free software update. Users would have a more personal and also deeper personalization on their Lock Screen photo. They can even personalize the font, photo subject, and also type style.

Picture: 9to5Mac

Enjoy These 5 Other Beneficial Features In iOS 16

1) Focus Feature To Stay In The Moment

iPhone users can now use the Focus feature with much more control when they linked it with the Lock Screen. Just a simple swipe to a designated Lock Screen could really help them to activate the corresponding Focus. Chosen apps also could easily be focused.

2) Interact In Messages Using A New Way

Users are now possible to edit, undo send, and also mark conversations as unread after this new update. Inviting friends and also family members to SharePlay could be done just via Messages. This makes the Messages on Apple devices much easier to be used.

3) Visual Look Up

Just tap and hold any subject of an image to easily lift it from the background. Users can then easily place it in any application. For instance, the Messages. That is surely one of the most amazing updates done by Apple. So excited to use this great feature.

4) Enhanced Fitness App

After the update, the Fitness app is easier to be used by all iPhone users. They can meet their goals even without the Apple Watch.

5) Interesting Game Center

Users can have easier access to play or even compete against their friends. All friends’ games activity and also accomplishments can be seen all in one place. That makes it much easier for all iPhone users to keep track of their progress in their own games.

Sources: Apple.

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