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Keretapi Sarong 2022 Receives Amazing Response From Participants

Keretapi Sarong

Keretapi Sarong event for this year receives such an amazing response from all the participants. After having to stay at home for 2 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an event like this would be something that many people have been waiting for to celebrate.

Keretapi Sarong is currently organized by an organization named LOCCO. It initially began in 2012 and was first handled by Random Alphabet. They halted the event in the year 2016 and later passed it on to LOCCO. In the year 2017, LOCCO brought the event back and this year will be the 4th time LOCCO will be organizing this event physically. People all over Malaysia participated.

LOCCO uses ‘sarongs’ as a symbol of national unity and to create awareness of Malaysia’s sarong’ and the story behind it. Malaysians attending the event would wear ‘sarongs and gather at designated stations stated by LOCCO. These locations are:

  • First, is the MRT Kajang
  • Secondly, LRT Gombak
  • Third one, is the LRT Subang
  • Fourthly, the MRT Bandar Utama
  • Last but not least, is the LRT Ampang

After attendees gather at these designated stations, LOCCO will give a secret location where all of the people will have to head to. The train will depart at 9 A.M. so if you are planning to go, make sure you come early and be there before the train heads off to the final location. Excitingly, this year’s secret location would be at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Such a great place to do this movement.

Sources: Twitter, The Stoly.

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