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Thailand Is The Place For Foodies? Follow These Food Hunting Tips!


Thailand is one of the main places that a lot of people would go to find food. This is because this particular location really provides an abundance of delicious foods for the locals and the tourists. One specific famous location in Thailand would surely be Mundok.

To those who might be curious to have a food hunting session in Mundok, there are several tips that you can follow. This is to help you guys to have an easy journey there. The very useful tips have been shared by a TikTok user that goes by the name zureeeeenn.


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If you are planning to have a food hunting journey in Mundok, Thailand. Here are the tips for you to use when you arrive there.

  1. To go there, you would usually have to pay a travel fee of only RM4 per head roundtrip on a boat.
  2. Enjoy Ice Cream Baba for only RM5.
  3. 3 bouquets of Baby’s Breath flowers for just only RM10.
  4. Try their Maggi Celup and also Fried Rice which tasted so delicious.
  5. Variations of sushi are priced at only RM1.50.

So many things that you can definitely enjoy when you are having a vacation in Mundok, Thailand. Not only their food, but you can also shop til you drop all their fashionable and cheap clothes, mouth-watering desserts, and many others. Great destination!

Sources: TikTok zureeeeenn.

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