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One Step Forward: Google Home Introduces Dashing New Upgrades

Google Home has stepped up its game by introducing dashing new updates.

Nest Wifi Pro: Speedy Connection Without Lags

Google Home introduces a more efficient Nest Wifi Pro. It is an upgraded router by Google with better connections and faster speeds. This small but practical router comes with soft earth tones like Snow, Linen, Fog and Lemongrass.

The simplicity of its design and colour will contribute to the aesthetics of your house. It adds a touch of serenity and elegance, but fear not: Google Home virtues beauty and usefulness. You will get the best of both worlds with this upgraded router from Google Home.

Nest Wifi Pro in Colours of Fog, Linen, Snow and Lemongrass

Source: Google

Nest Wifi Pro comes with a Wi-Fi 6E (E, which is short for ‘Extended’), offering two times faster speed than the old Wi-Fi 6. Google Home guarantees the efficiency of its service by analysing your network performance and optimising your connection. This is to ensure your devices will run smoothly without any unnecessary lags.

Easy to Install

It is no hassle. All you need to do is set the router by using the Google Home app and follow the instructions given. Furthermore, there is no additional cost for other installations. Setting up the Family Wi-Fi for your kids will be as easy. You will get more than what you bargained for.

This device is applicable to monitor the safety of your network. In addition, Nest Wifi Pro functions as a speed-run test, sharing the password with other users and easy set-up for a guest network.

Source: Google

No More Harmful Connections

Not only that, Nest Wifi Pro diligently scans any harmful connection and router hacks. A protected connection is a guarantee for this device because the router actively updates its software.

Nest Wifi Pro teams up with Matter (a new intelligent home protocol that launches soon) as an all-in-one controller. The router can control and connect every Matter-enabled device for better home management.

There are three packs of Nest Wifi Pro to choose from: $399.99 for a three-pack. It covers the coverage up to 6,600 square feet. For a two-pack, Nest Wifi Pro retails at $299.00. Lastly, $199.99 is one pack that accommodates homes of all sizes.

Pre-order begins on 4 October 2022 and is available for online and offline purchases starting 27 October 2022.

Nest Doorbell: Security in Sleek Elegance

Google Home does not only excel in connectivity, but it also champions security.

The second-generation wired Nest Doorbell is versatile in its functionality. You do not have to charge the battery since it is wired. As it is connected to the Wi-Fi, even if the connection is a bit laggy, the Nest Doorbell will keep track of an hour’s worth of footage automatically to its local memory.

No More Pixelated Image

Providing you with the clearest image, Nest Doorbell captures pictures even when the days are dark and raining. The images will appear natural as Google deletes the fish-eye effect that distorts the view you see with smart cameras. HDR captures little details in areas with shadows or bright lights. Thus, it shows a clear image once viewed in the memory.

Source: PCMag

DXOMark remarks that the Google Nest is one of the best camera doorbells after close inspection and tests. In their testimony, they acclaim that this device gives the highest image of quality and accuracy. Google Nest Doorbell allows owners to recognise anyone at the door regardless of time.

The built-in smart features, such as sees-on-device, machine learning, and talk and listen, ease the process of identifying strangers at the doorstep. You can also chat with visitors from anywhere, and give quick responses with pre-recorded messages.

Besides that, Google Nest Doorbell is easier to control with the help of Google Home. You can set up a Household Routine on the app and customise the workability of your doorbell. You can add or omit any wanted or unwanted options by customising your Google Nest Doorbell to your taste.

Google Nest Doorbell. From upper left: Snow, Linen, Ash and Ivy

Source: Google

The colours; Snow, Linen, Ash and Ivy are the perfect accompaniment to any home that prefers simple and minimalistic design. And what a surprise: this upgraded doorbell is made up by using approximately 43% recycled materials! Not only is it beautiful to the eye, but it is also safe for the environment.

Nest Doorbell is available in the U.S on 4 October 2022 at $179.99. It is also available in Canada (on the same date as the U.S) for $239.99 in Snow and Ash colour.

Matter: A Smart Home Interoperability For All

According to Kate Kozuch, Matter is “the smart home interoperability protocol supported by Apple, Google, Amazon and other major smart home players in the Connectivity Standards Alliance.”

Supported Connectivities by Matter

Matter is a device that unifies connectivity standard that supports the majority of home devices used in the future. It enables IP-based networking between smart home devices, smartphone apps or cloud services as it is built with Internet Protocol (IP). Also, Matter supports via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to Thread and Wi-Fi networks.

This system strives to build faster paths with every app and device across the ecosystem, takes care of connectivity and improves user satisfaction.

Other Supported Systems by Matter

Moreover, Matter is keen to ensure the efficiency of smart home devices produced by Apple, Google and Amazon for the best performance. Products like the Apple HomePod Mini, Google Nest Audio and Amazon Echo (4th Gen) utilise Matter in their control system.

However, it is not only limited to stated devices. Matter broadens its horizon by venturing with other well-known systems such as Samsung’s SmartThings, iRobot, Facebook, and Signify.

This anticipated controller launches on October 4 2022. It is available for every device that begins upgrading Matter support. In the future, other smart home companies will announce their eligible devices and software to support Matter through Thread.

Google Home: A New Look

The All-New Google Home

Source: Google

Google Home will undergo a stark transformation in the coming months.

The Google Home app for Android and iOs introduce fewer taps with distinct customisation.

New Features to Geek About

The app features a new Favourites panel that liberates the convention of your important devices, actions and automation pop-up.

Spaces is a platform that allows your to group devices by category. The design is significant to compartmentalise your frequently used devices into a room of their own.

To add, Google Home will also release other features like a script editor, home control, and a new camera experience (for Nest Doorbell).

Be sure to check out Google’s homepage for more exciting updates in the future.

Source: Guudnyus, Google, Google Nest, Youtube, DOXMARK, tom’s guide

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