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Walking Robotic Dogs? A New Trend In China!

robotic dogs
Picture: Getty Image, UDN, Weibo

Images and videos of young Chinese individuals walking what appear to be robotic dogs instead of real dogs have become popular online, suggesting a growing trend among the country’s youth.

While Boston Dynamics’ robotic dogs have been accessible on Chinese e-commerce sites for some time, they have just recently begun to gain traction among consumers.

robot dogs

Picture: UDN

Several Chinese news agencies report that the vast majority of robotic dogs are already in public places in China. The phenomenon of “walking the robotic dogs” has appeared in many places. Most of these robotic dogs are domestically produced in China.

Interestingly, they have functions such as automatic “follow-up” with their owners and carry weights. They can also perform actions such as circling, running, rolling, and bowing. This means they can walk with you, help you pick up couriers, and wait for you to get off work.

Moreover, the camera on their head can not only identify obstacles but also intelligently identify the owner and follow them.

According to the report, it’s not difficult for ordinary consumers to own a robotic dog. Many domestic brands have launched robotic dog products on e-commerce platforms. They’re priced from 15,000 to 100,000 yuan varying. The most advanced robotic dog moves faster, can run with its owner, and can carry a load of 5 kilograms.

All in all, there’s no doubting the benefits of robot pets, and judging by the increasing number of individuals spotted walking their robot dogs in China lately, they may one day rival the animals they imitate.

Sources: UDN, Oddity Central

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