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An Angler Caught A Gigantic Goldfish At Bluewater Lakes In France

Picture: BBC &

An angler from the United Kingdom, Andy Hackett, caught a massive orange goldfish at the Bluewater Lakes in France. The goldfish-like carp weighs 30 kg and is called ‘The Carrot.’

The giant fish was introduced into the lake twenty years ago. While on a trip to France, Hackett brought along his rod and successfully caught ‘The Carrot.’


Picture: BBC News

As shared by Hackett, it took him around 25 minutes to get the gigantic goldfish out of the water. His first thought when battling to pull the fish was he was “gonna need a bigger bowl.” The bright colour of the fish made it stand out. Nevertheless, not many have caught it.

He told BBC News, “With normal fish, you struggle to see them if they’re just under the surface. But ‘The Carrot’ is obviously bright orange, so you can’t miss it.” 

The fish is a hybrid of a leather carp and a koi carp. After scaling the fish, Hackett released it back into the water. He did that so that other anglers who come to the Bluewater Lakes still have a chance to catch the orange fish. However, the management of the Bluewater Lakes posted on Facebook that the lake was now fully booked. 

Source: BBC News

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