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Check Out These Animations By Malaysian YouTubers!

Picture: YouTube Wan Animation, Sumie Azil, lil lizat, Arip Animation, Mijanimasi

YouTube has everything. From songs, and movies, to recipes, lectures, and more! Aside from watching real people, we love to watch animations. Have you heard of Psy2Go? Their animation style is very cute that people are enticed to watch the channel.

Nevertheless, do you know that Malaysians can produce such animation on YouTube too? Here listed are the five rising YouTubers that produce animation on their YouTube channel.

Five Rising Malaysian Animators On YouTube

1) Wan Animation


Picture: Youtube Wan Animation

The backbone of Wan Animation is Ridzuan Ahmad. He started his animation channel in 2016. His animations are mostly about the life events that happened to him. The main character of the animation is, of course, Wan himself. The way the storylines are told are very casual and easy to decipher. Not to forget, they are hilarious! Thus, people enjoy watching his animation. Now, Wan Animation has 481 thousand subscribers. Go and visit his channel for a laugh!

2) Sumie Azil


Picture: Youtube Sumie Azil

Besides Wan, there is Sumie Azil too! Sumie Azil just reached 405 thousand subscribers on his channel. His animations are also funny and capture his real-life stories too. On his channel, he mentioned that he uses XP – PEN Artist Display 13.3 to animate. Started the channel in 2019, and he has produced 85 videos. There is a lot to watch. What are you waiting for?

3) Lil lizat


Picture: Youtube lil lizat

Lil lizat is a lizard. I mean, the main character of this channel is a white lizard. Even though it is a lizard, it lives as humans do. This channel will surely entertain you too. There are humour and morals that you can learn from. Lil lizat just started a Youtube channel in 2020, but already has 355 thousand subscribers. What does that tell you? Subscribe to the channel now!

4) Arip Animation


Picture: Youtube Arip Animation

Arip Animation began his animation journey on YouTube in October 2021. Just like other animators stated above, his animations are very well drawn, and the storylines are entertaining too. Interestingly, the main character in the animation speaks in ‘Terengganu’ slang. Who knows? You can catch up on that slang too if you subscribe to his channel. Need a laugh? Watch Arip Animation!

5) Mijanimasi


Picture: Youtube Mijanimasi

Mijanimasi captured the real stories of the animator. Well, most of them are. Sometimes, this channel tells random stories to the viewers. According to the channel, the animator uses Wacom Intuos S Tablet and Adobe Animate Drawing software to create the animation. Just like watching cartoons on television, you will enjoy this channel.

What are you waiting for? Head straight to these five rising animators’ channels, and do not forget to subscribe to them. Let’s show our support!

Do you know any other Malaysian animators?

Sources: Wan Animation, Sumie Azil, lil lizat, Arip Animation, Mijanimasi

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