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Football Fans Are Seen Wearing Their Own ‘Country’ Thawbs In Qatar

Picture: @0086ui (Twitter)

During the FIFA World Cup Tournament, football fans are seen wearing their own thawbs. Thawb is an ankle-length robe, usually worn by Middle Easterns. The thawbs are sold to football enthusiasts based in a variety of styles according to the countries.

Aside from that, the clothing also comes with a ghutra which is worn on the head. Take a look at the thawbs and ghutras below:

Nevertheless, the fans who wear the thawbs are advised to take them off before entering the hotel bars they are residing. The reason for this matter is that it is feared that the locals might get upset.


Picture: @0086ui (Twitter)

According to Frederico Ferrez, security asked him to remove his thawb as he tried to enter The Red Lion, located in the Al Mansour Suites hotel. He also added that the security revealed that Qataris find it offensive to wear thawbs to bars. He got to know that Muslims wear clothing for praying.

Ferrez thought of getting a few drinks before the game of Portugal vs Qatar. He stressed that he did not mean to offend anybody.

By wearing the thawb, he was “trying to show [his] appreciation of Qatari and Muslim culture.”

Another football fan mentioned, “we thought it would be a nice touch to celebrate Qatari culture by wearing their traditional clothing.”

Source: LadBible, @0086ui (Twitter)

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