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Drunk Tourist Destroyed Albino Buffalo Sculpture In Bangkok

Picture: STIRworld & Apinan Poshyananda

A sculpture of an albino buffalo was left in pieces after being destroyed by a British tourist. Created by Maitree Sriboon, the albino buffalo sculpture was a part of the Bangkok Art Nienalle festival. The tourist, Joshua Antoni Burgoyne, climbed onto the sculpture on Friday night.

The albino buffalo sculpture is known as Kwai Calm which means ‘calm buffalo.’ Burgoyne along with his friends was called out by the festival’s chief executive and artistic director. They described the day as a ‘sad day.’


Picture: Coconuts Bangkok

It was a sad day as the sculpture was so much loved by many, especially passersby and art visitors.

“Last night around 2 am, a group of English and German tourists were having a great time. Joshua Antoni Burgoyne, 34, a drunken English lad who was especially energetic, tried to climb on the sculpture. He failed in his first attempt, then he tried again, causing the artwork to collapse into pieces.”

The police took over the case. Nevertheless, the tourists refused to apologize or pay any compensation for the mistake.

Even though the albino buffalo sculpture is now in pieces, the remains will stay there for a few days. This is to give a chance for passersby or art visitors to say their last ‘goodbye.’

Source: Coconuts Bangkok

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