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Locals Have Their Say On This Buffalo Statue In Serian Town

Picture: Kavi Ajasya

Have you been to Sarawak before? More specifically, to Serian Town? If so, you might have encountered a buffalo statue before. If not, you may have seen it on the Internet through photos that people uploaded on their social media.

People are amused yet confused with the buffalo statue built in the town. It looks…shocked…and traumatized. We wonder what is the story behind the buffalo statue when it was built.


Picture: @health_malaysia

Because of the way it looks, @health_malaysia on Twitter even uses the buffalo statue’s photo in a poster. The poster is about animals that tend to cross the roads at night. As we all know, animals crossing the road are never a good thing as it might affect someone’s and the animals’ lives. Accidents can happen because of that!

The buffalo depicts accurately the situation when an animal is shocked to see a car heading toward it.

Moreover, a Facebook user, Kavi Ajasya, also shares the photo of the buffalo, and locals have their own say about it. They interpret what happens to the buffalo:


Picture: Kavi Ajasya, @health_malaysia

Some people say that there is also a statue of a tiger there.

Do you know the historical background behind these statues in Serian Town?

Sources: @health_malaysia (Twitter), Kavi Ajasya (Facebook)

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