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“Unbothered With Political Problems,” – Ismail Sabri Spent Holiday With Family After 3 Years

Picture: @ismailsabri60

Working as a politician is never easy. Thus, happiness is captured on Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri’s face when he went on a vacation with his family. He and his family went to Dubai to spend quality time together after three years.

Before this, he was a busy person as he served the country as the Prime Minister. After the 15th General Election, Dato’ Sri Anwar Ibrahim was selected as the new Prime Minister. However, this does not mean Ismail Sabri is not busy. He still is, but luckily, he managed to spend his time with his family.

Through his Instagram account, he posted two photos of himself with his family in the Middle East country — Dubai. They were at the family theme park — Legoland.


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As his grandchild, Jeanelle Nika Mandagie is growing up, Ismail Sabri is glad that he could spend his time watching Jeanelle in front of his eyes. His grandchild is the source of his happiness as she always entertains him.


Picture: @ninaismailsabri

Furthermore, he also states that going on a vacation, cleared his mind from the never-ending work as a politician serving the country.

It’s good to know that Ismail Sabri had fun. For those who are also a workaholic, slow down, take a deep breath, and ease your mind by going on a vacation!

Source: @ismailsabri60 (Instagram)

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