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Superstition Or Real? Reasons Westerners Are So Afraid With Friday The 13th

Picture: Fox News

Today is Friday, and it marks the 13th day of the month, January. Have you heard about the superstition of Friday the 13th? For westerners, the date is considered to be unlucky for some reason.

But, why does Friday the 13th consume the fear of the Westerners in the first place?

From a biblical context, Jesus and his 12 apostles attended the ‘Last Supper.’ Having 13 guests at a table was said to be a bad omen. The super is called ‘the last’ because the next day was the day of Jesus’ crucifixion.

Aside from that, other reasons for the fear is in the Christian belief, Friday is the day when Eve gave Adam the fruit from The Tree Of Knowledge. It also marks the day when Chain killed his brother, Abel.


Picture: CNN


The history of Friday the 13th has brought us a movie with the same name in 1980. The movie portrays a killer who wears a hockey mask that haunts people on the day. The movie continues in several other sequels.

Mostly, the day occurs once a year. However, it may take three times a year. This year, we have to go through two times of this day, which are today, and October. For next year, it will fall in September and December.

Sources: History, USA Today

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