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Worst Case For Double Park Ever! Parking Lots Packed With Cars At Bukit Jalil

Picture: @syafiqminion & @fedtriyahya

Parking lots are always provided for people to ease their business. However, sometimes, parking lots are just not enough for cars to park. The situation gets worse when the nearest place to the parking lot is holding an event.

Yesterday, on the 15th of January, there were two big events which were the Petronas Malaysia Open (PMO) 2023 and Jay Chou’s live concert. Many Malaysians showed their support by going to see the badminton match and the concert.

Nevertheless, so many cars were in the parking lot because of too many people at the two events. This situation has brought a problem for some people. Their cars are blocked by other cars.

On Twitter, @fedtriyahya shared three screenshots of a conversation between him and badminton enthusiasts who went to see PMO. From the conversation, the people were having problems moving their cars because their cars are blocked. Therefore, one person asked for @fedtriyahya’s help to announce the matter on Twitter.

Luckily, the person managed to move his car. However, he revealed that many other badminton enthusiasts still could not escape the place because of other cars blocking their way.

You can see for yourself how packed the parking lot was yesterday:


Picture: @syafiqminion

It is hoped that this situation will not happen again in the future.


Picture: @fedtriyahya

Source: @fedtriyahya (Twitter)

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