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You’re Not A True Gamer If You Haven’t Played These OG Games!

Pictures: Twitter, Pintar Mewarnai

It’s a bit mind-boggling to think about how games have evolved through the years. There are many stark differences we can observe between before and now: from production, development, and other aspects. However, what differentiates games from then and now is how simple it was back in the old days.

Do you remember the snake game you used to play on your parents’ Nokia phone? Or do you remember the legendary board games like Saidina and Jutaria? Speaking of them brings back so many memories from childhood!

There are many differences between today’s games from the past. Since the world has evolved, so has technology. No doubt that it will further develop into something more exciting and thrilling. But, rooting back from its origin, we can’t forget some of these OG (originator) games.

Have you ever played these games?

A Twitter user @AliTriox posted a tweet of a game everyone had at least tried once: Purble Place!

To anyone who’s unfamiliar with this computer game, it was developed by Oberon Games. It’s included in Windows 7 and offers three sections: Purble Pairs, Comfy Cakes and Purble Shop. Honestly, you would play this game for hours just because the cake-matching game was so addicting.

Following the tweet, other users also chirped in and shared their version of OG games. We see many familiar faces— is this a sign we’re getting older?

Some of them are Mahjong, Solitaire, Chess and 3D Pinball. These four games are the essentials in our computers back then!


Picture: Twitter @itsmeme907

Not only that, but some also shared some that are a bit unfamiliar. Still, if it’s from back then, there are definitely the OGs!

So, we are curious to know, does the new generation familiar with any of these? Can they call themselves a true gamers if they’ve never played these?

Sources: Twitter @AliTriox2, Microsoft

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