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Every Child Can Relate To This Fear Of ‘Losing’ Their Parents In The Shopping Mall

shopping mall
Pictures: TikTok @nekpa16_

Do you like going to the shopping mall? It’s like a designated time spent with family. Personally, we enjoy visiting the mall with our parents. It’s a monthly activity we do with them.

As someone’s children, of course, we depend on our parents a lot. Although we’ve become adults, we still crave their love and attention. It’s not weird at all. We will always be a kid in our parents’ eyes. And kids always have something naughty to do to their parents.

So, during that time, we could eat at fancy restaurants and spend quality time with them. Additionally, our mother would often go to the supermarket section of the shopping mall to buy some groceries. This is our chance to take some snacks on the shelf!

Even though the supermarket isn’t as big as pasar borong, we can still be lost. Especially if we go there during the weekends, many people are doing some shopping too. Our excitement to get the snack got the best of us. When we turn around, eh? Where are our parents?

If that’s not terrifying enough, how about the snack we have in our hands… who’s going to pay for it? Oh, no.

When we were little, of course, we didn’t have money! How do we pay for it?

It seems like @nekpa16_ shares the same experience. She took a packet of tempura nuggets but lost her parents in the supermarket!


Mcm anak terbiar dah ni .😂

♬ Sedih – Instrumental – Asraf Studio

She and her siblings tried to look for their ‘parents’. They searched the whole Lotus’ but couldn’t find them anywhere. We are scared for them too!

Finally, she found her parents already paying at the counter! Luckily, she managed to sneak the nugget at the payment counter.

Funnily, some netizens speculate the mother knows what will happen if she lets her children in the market for too long. They might take everything from the shelf!

shopping mall

Picture: TikTok @nekpa16_

shopping mall

Picture: TikTok @nekpa16_

Despite her mother’s side-eyeing, this is a heartwarming moment we can relate to. It brings many childhood memories to life!

Have you ever experienced this before?

Source: TikTok @nekpa16_

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