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Last Year’s Raya Was A Hot Mess, How About This Year?

last year's raya
Pictures: TikTok ciksu RB shop, PNGWing

Oh, my God. Who could forget last year’s raya incident? It was one of the most hectic and memorable eid celebrations ever! No one expected it to happen a day earlier, especially since we thought it would fall on the day stated in the calendar.

Although we’re just about to enter Ramadhan next week, it won’t hurt to be a bit advanced and reminisce about the raya tragedy. (It’s also common to talk about raya matters before Ramadhan begins.)

We remembered how panicked everyone was as soon as the announcement was made. No one was prepared for the unwanted surprise!

Last year’s raya was funnily chaotic for every Malaysian

We also have a funny story to share. Usually, we would cook all raya dishes a day before the festivity. That’s a day dedicated to anyam the ketupat, preparing all ingredients and cooking dishes like ayam masak merah, sambal jawa and sambal bugis (our family’s raya staple). But last year, we started cooking on the first day of eid instead! And no one came to visit our house because we were so busy.

We couldn’t imagine how chaotic everyone else’s raya was last year. Everyone had a fair share of hecticness, and it’s a celebration they’ll remember for a long time.

Therefore, for those who want to recap how a hot mess last year’s raya was, watch this video shared by ciksu RB shop on TikTok.


nak jugak kongsi…😁 raya tahun lalu adalah raya yang sepanjang bertandang ke rumah2 org, asik bercerita tentang raya mengejut…😂😂😂… _kredit buat tuan bidio2 semua_thanks_ #rayamengejut2022 #fyp #momentindah2022😍 #terpahatdihati

♬ Simple, light and bright song – Kohrogi

One of the funniest things in the video is that someone is mowing even though it’s late at night! Raya punya fasal, dark or daylight, the lawn has to look neat!

Next, everyone was busy hunting for baju raya! Usually, they’ll be crazy sales on ‘malam raya’, but no one knew that malam raya came a day early last year!

Our father experienced this when he went to the market. Everyone was busy searching for daun kelapa, chicken, santan and other ingredients. The pasar was so packed that even sardines in the can have room to breathe!

People in the comment section also share their funny experiences. And every story definitely made us laugh.

last year's raya

Picture: TikTok ciksu RB shop

last year's raya

Picture: TikTok ciksu RB shop

We hope this year’s raya won’t be as surprising as last year’s. At least give us a warning beforehand, okay?

Source: TikTok ciksu RB shop

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