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Frustrated on Forgetting Things? Try These 5 Everyday Habits to Boost Your Memory

You might be frustrated with yourself when you see a person you are familiar with, but you avoid approaching the person because you don’t remember the name. Some of us might encounter this situation a few times in our life.

Sometimes, we not only forgetting names, but we also forgetting things and it annoys us a lot. Do you wonder how some people can simply remember everything? Try these five habits of people with an impressive memory into your life.

1. Establish routines

Avoid wasting energy recalling things that you can remember through routines. For example, you can simply remember where you put your keys if you put them at the same place every day. It is helpful for us in remembering things and frees our brains to remember other new and important information.

2. Don’t multitask

When we do a lot of things at one time, our attention can be divided as we are not focusing on any work. Avoid distractions can improve the focus that leads to better memory, says Dr. Jeniffer Zientz, a specialist in neurology. We are able to get meaning, develop knowledge, and build brain networks by taking in less information.

3. Review video afterward

Reviewing the information that you received later can be a great way for you to remember the information better. A study shows that participants remember details better when they replayed a scene from the video they watched in their minds.

4. Make connections

Try to associate new information with things you already know. According to Dr. Zientz, attaching something that is personal to us can enhance our ability to remember new information. You can also use mental pictures, sounds, or odors to form links with the information. For example, if someone’s name is Tiffany, you might remember of diamonds. Making connections to information that already established in our mind can trigger to remember new things.

5. Organize info

Organize information by using external aids. For example, you can set up reminders of what you need to do on your phone. Studies have shown that writing things down can reinforce the information in our memory. Write everything down once you remember them. Plan what you need to do earlier can help you to remember what you need to do later. Write a list of everything that you need to buy or do in your daily life.


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