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Thinking of Adding New Habits? Here are 3 Simple and Practical Tips to Master Your Habits

Everyone surely wants success in their life. Many great figures in the world gain their success after much hard work that they put into their daily routine. A daily routine is created by habits that have been embedded in our life.

Great habits can create great people. To add new habits into our lives, it needs extra effort to make the habits to stick with us. Here are three simple and practical tips to start adding new habits into your daily routine by a famous Indonesian preacher and author, Felix Siauw.

1. Start from something simple
You have to aim on getting smaller habits first. Don’t overwhelm yourself with something you can’t achieve. After you have used it in doing the habits, you can automatically add it up. For example, starts by reading books 10 minutes daily. After you are used to it, you can increase the time to maybe one or two hours per day.

2. Slip the habits between your solid daily routine
The key to this tip is the word “after”. For example, you want to read a book for 10 minutes “after” getting a bath. The word “after” can trigger you to automatically do the new habit that you want to have.

3. Repeat, repeat, and repeat
Repetition plays a great role in getting new habits. To implement a new habit in the early phase, we tend to forget to do it. Make a reminder in places that you often do your activities. Don’t skip even once and keep on repeating it.

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