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Some Indonesians Have Blue IC, While Many Sabahans Don’t, But How?

Pictures: Twitter TikTok Berguna

Some Indonesians from Lumbis Ogong, one of the places in Tau Lumbis, admit to having Malaysian Blue IC. 

As Malaysians know, having a blue IC is beneficial for many things. For example, it’s easier for professional job opportunities, healthcare and others. The IC is proof of a person’s citizenship in Malaysia.


Picture: Facebook Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, Malaysia

However, it’s worrying that outsiders like people from Lumbis Ogong own a Malaysian IC while many Sabahans living in rural areas still don’t.

Why do they have Malaysian IC?

Difficult to get Indonesian IC

According to Ramli, they don’t have an Indonesian identity certificate. They travel to Malaysia to get it, which is only 15 minutes from Lumbis Ogong.

Additionally, Ramli stated getting an Indonesian IC is a tedious process. The authorities asked for many documents some couldn’t provide. 

However, in Malaysia, the government will consider their application. The authorities will give them a statement letter or other details that they should prepare before applying for Malaysian citizenship. 

Easier job opportunities

Next, a respondent named Slamet Juni said it was for the job opportunities in his place. Even though they have almost all the facilities in Lumbis Ogong, the IC will improve their living condition. There aren’t many job vacancies, but the certificate helps them get to work in many fields. 

The benefits of getting Malaysian citizenship

More job chances

Indonesians who have Malaysian identity cards can land a job in customer service and healthcare. It’s because the healthcare facility in Lumbis Ogong is limited. Not only that, but these two prospects are very profitable.

Aids for better living conditions

Once he got the IC, Ramli received these aids:

  • From Langsia
  • For the poor
  • Aid for the disabled
  • Student’s scholarship

Malaysian IC is the last resort to improve their life

Not every Indonesian wants Malaysian citizenship. But getting it benefits them a lot. Their living conditions force some of them to get it. 

The process of getting an Indonesian certificate is difficult. The journey to Nunukan, the big city of Lumbis Ogong, takes around 14.5 hours. They have to travel there by land and water. The journey is time and energy-consuming. 

Furthermore, the cost is too expensive for many Lumbis Ogong people. It’s about 10,000,000 IDR (RM2,847.15). Although it might look cheap for Malaysians, it’s a fortune for them.

Thus, this is why the Indonesian government don’t forbid them to have Malaysian certificate.

Despite that, the Malaysian government should take cohesive steps to put Malaysians first before outsiders.

How about Sabahans who don’t have IC still? What are the steps the government are taking to solve this issue? 

Sources: Twitter TikTok Berguna, MyGOV,

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