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Get In The Zone With Delicious Calzone, Know This Italian Tradition From A-Z

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Friends, have you ever come across this hearty Italian snack called calzone? (It’s pronounced as kal-zown). We remember getting this massimo version of Malaysia’s curry puff from Secret Recipe years ago. Now, we’re unsure if the restaurant still serves this delicious dish.

In a nutshell, a calzone is a simpler and portable version of a pizza. However, the difference can be seen in its shape. A pizza is stretched and flattened, while calzone is folded, and ingredients like chicken, beef and sauce are put inside.


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Sadly, not many restaurants in Malaysia offer this Naples soul food. Additionally, the locals aren’t familiar with this western-style karipap. Therefore, as Aid Fawzal said, pizzerias or bakeries in the country can adapt this idea and produce their version of a Malaysian calzone. Perhaps, it can be the next Menu Rahmah.

What is calzone?

As we said before, it’s like an imitation of a pizza. It’s a mesh of many southern Italian cuisines.

The dough is folded into a half circle or tube. For a crunchier texture, some calzones are deep-fried. But for those who are health-conscious and sort to a healthier option, a baked calzone is delicious too.

Neapolitan calzones are one of the most famous varieties. It has ricotta, provolone and pecorino cheese with crumbled salami. Moreover, other versions have tomato, mozzarella and ham, or vegetables and mozzarella.

How to make your own?

Usually, the dough is made of flour, water, oil, salt and leaven. But there’s a tip for an airy calzone. Add sourdough starter to the dough and let it rise for more than 20 hours. The result will be impeccable.


Picture: The Perfect Loaf

An Italian pride

Calzones are a traditional dish from Naples. Street vendors in the Campania region still sell fresh-baked calzones wrapped in paper. The fun thing about this dish is it’s convenient. You can eat it on the go.


Picture: The Kitchn

Not only it’s delicious, but it’s also filling! You might skip lunch or dinner if you had this giant curry puff in your previous meal!

We found a website that compiles some eateries that sell this calzone. Check it out here. Happy calzoning!

Sources: La Cucina Italiana, Twitter Aid Fawzal, Malaysia Most Wanted Food

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