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Knowing What To Do When Your Car Window Cracks

Picture: Only 1 Auto Glass

Unwanted things happen at the most unexpected times. For instance, getting your car window cracks or breaks while you are driving. It is a very dangerous situation as the window ais made from glass. It could harm you!

So, what should you do if this situation happens to you?@LuthfiMY shares these steps that you could follow:

1) Stop your car if it happens while you are driving

  • It is worried that the crack would worsen if you continue driving

2) Check your Insurance Cover Note and make sure it covers the car window

  • If you find the word ‘Windscreen,’ you are good to go

3) Call the Insurance Hotline number

  • Ask them if they can help you with towing service
  • Most companies offer the Roadside Assistance Service

4) If you buy your car insurance through an agent, you can ask them about car workshops that can help you with your situation

5) If you ask for a towing service, they will head straight to the workshop to change your car window

  • If you are still able to drive yourself, just set an appointment with the workshop.
  • Bring along your IC and a copy of the Insurance Cover Note

6) The workshop will do its job

7) Days after that, you will get a message informing you that your claim for the window has been approved

Car windows are bound to break after a while. That is why drivers should always be prepared at all times.


Picture: Auto Glass Express

Source: LuthfiMY (Twitter)

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