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Looking Back At The 10 Most Powerful Earthquakes In History

Picture: VS Battles Wiki, Live Science, ABC News, Earthquakes In India

Knowing thousands of people die due to Turkey’s earthquake, still, it is not the most powerful in history. Do you know that the highest magnitude of an earthquake recorded reached 9.5?

Let’s look back at the most powerful, yet horrendous earthquakes in history.

10 Powerful Earthquakes Ever Recorded

1) Valdivia earthquake


Picture: VS Battles Wiki

  • In 1960, an earthquake with a magnitude of 9.5 hit the city of Valvadia in Spain.
  • Also known by the name the Great Chilean earthquake.
  • The disaster lasted for 10 minutes. However, it triggered a massive tsunami.
  • The toll of dead people is unknown, but 3,000 people got injured.

2) Great Alaska Earthquake


Picture: Life Magazine

  • It is the most powerful earthquake in U.S. history, with a magnitude of 9.2.
  • Hit Prince William Region of Alaska in 1964.
  • A tsunami was triggered by the 4.5 minutes earthquake, destroying Chenega Village.
  • The horrendous earthquake also caused an underwater landslide.

3) Sumatra Earthquake


Picture: History

  • The 2004 Sumatra Earthquake or the Indian Ocean Earthquake hit Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • The magnitude of the quake was 9.1, resulting in a massive tsunami.
  • Millions of people died due to the tragedy.

4) Tohoku Earthquake


Picture: Live Science

  • The same magnitude as the Sumatra Earthquake hit Tohoku in 2011.
  • Caused a tsunami to trigger.
  • Not just that, but the tsunami also caused nuclear accidents.

5) Kamchatka, Russia Earthquake


Picture: Russia Beyond

  • In 1952, the coast of Kamchatka Peninsula was hit by a 9.1 magnitude earthquake.
  • Produced a great destructive Pacific-wide tsunami.

6) Maule Earthquake


Picture: The Weather Network

  • An 8.8 magnitude of earthquake occurred in the Maule region in Chile.
  • The three minutes of shaking happened in 2010.
  • The tsunami triggered by the earthquake caused damage to the port at Talcahuano.
  • Hundreds of death recorded and some went missing.

7) Ecuador-Colombia Earthquake

  • The 8.8 magnitude of earthquake produced a big tsunami in 1906.
  • Happened on the coast of Ecuador, near Esmeraldas.

8) Rat Islands Earthquake

  • In 1965, an earthquake in February triggered a tsunami on Shemya Island, Alaska.
  • Nevertheless, little damage was caused by the disasters thanks to its distant location.

9) Assam-Tibet Earthquake


Picture: Earthquakes In India

  • Thousands of people were left dead due to this massive earthquake in 1950 with a magnitude of 8.6.
  • After the earthquake, large landslides blocked the Subansari River which caused a massive wave that killed hundreds of people.

10) Sumatra Earthquake


Picture: ABC News

  • Again, an earthquake hit Sumatra. This time it was an 8.6 magnitude in 2012.
  • The earthquake came from undersea near of Indonesian city of Aceh.

Source: GeologyScience

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