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The Youngest Person To Be Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s Is 19 Years Old

Picture: Scientific American

Who would have taught that the youngest person to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is 19 years old! Speaking of this disease, we must have taught that only old people could have been diagnosed with the disease. However, these scientists have made an extremely shocking discovery.

A group of scientists from Xuanha University claimed that the patient, a male from Beijing, is diagnosed with “probable” Alzheimer’s disease. The findings by the scientists are published in the Journal Of Alzhemeir’s Disease in late January this year.

According to NextShark, the patient starts suffering from short-term memory loss, where he is unable to recall where he places his belongings. He even cannot remember the events from the previous days. Aside from that, he has trouble reading, and his reactions are slower as they are delayed.


Picture: Infobae

One of the diagnoses of Alzheimer’s disease is mild brain atrophy. The patient meets the criteria even though his family has no history of the disease. Thus, the case is described as rare.

The study also reveals that a healthy diet, cognitive activity, and regular physical exercise can help fight memory decline. Furthermore, one must abstain from drinking (alcohol) and smoking.

“Healthy diet had the strongest protective effect on memory, followed by cognitive activity and physical exercise,” the scientists note.

Source: NextShark

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